3D Printing

I have recently inmersed in a world that bring new chances to make my imagination fly and make my ideas a real deal.

Back in 2014, I took a debt and about 6 weeks of manual work and lots of googling to get a Printrbot Simple up and running. I fine tuned it, calibrated it and improved it. So far I have:

  • Increased the X axis of the build volume from 99mm to 188 mm.


alt text


alt text

  • Increased Z Axis volume from 99mm to 120mm
  • Installed filament spool holder.
  • Installed Raspberry Pi and Octoprint to control and record printings without need of a PC.
  • Changed Extruder nozzle from Ubis Ceramic to Ubis 13s which improved precision and lowered failed prints.
  • Added 80 mm fan to improve print quality.

Many people think it is a waste of money, for me its an amazing learning tool. Since I cant really give a shit of naysayers, some planned improments for this machine are:

  • Setup Raspi Camera for timelapses.
  • Setup secure remote control and vizualization.
  • Replace nozzle tip for hardened one to handle abrassive materials.
  • Print in Proto-Pasta Carbon Fibre.
  • Add a Bowden extrusion system.
  • Make it double extruder with another Bowden.
  • Make jonhlawrence double precision improvements to X and Y axis.
  • ^That or make it a delta.
  • Install a heatbed.
  • Make an enclosure.
  • Print in ABS and Nylon CF.
  • Removable laser head.
  • Removable milling head.

I have dealt with all kinds of issues with this machine, I love to resolve them and se it print at a better quality each time. I have now the intention to transform a small printrbot in a better machine that allows me to fabricate and prototype better parts at a more efficient rate reducing errors. I can now resolve any problem related to Cartesian FFF 3D printers and calibrate them. Ping me for help.

At some point I will inmerse myself in 3D Design, once the horse is dominated.

There is also an active community in Costa Rica where all learners of this stuff gather and workship noisy machines like me.

I will keep this page regularly updated as times allows it, fell free to visit me on other platforms where I upload or fing very cool things to make:

Of course I added this page so I can get those improvements become a reality quicker than my paycheck, so if you want a 3D print for your project, personal amusement, or charity, hit that button below and or ping me in my contact page.

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