Hi, I’m Rodolfo Padilla. I’m a student at UNED in the ECEN department, where my studies include, computer science, sociology and other stuff.

Currently working as Implementation Engineer at GAP.

I like to be constanly learning. Since I was a kid my passion is deconstruct and rebuild things from scratch. Usually leaving some screws out. I used to explode dead electronic cards for the mayhem and the toxic smoke they produce, just for the fun of wearing gasmasks.

This blog is a central place for me to publish my ideas on programming, sociology, mathematics, philosophy, astronomy and all sorts of other things I am interested in and cannot seriously publish elsewhere. In the very unlikely case that the Internet cares about my personal development, I might post some progress in some projects I am working on.

Among many things I love doing, I try to make at least 60km on the bike every week, and plan to improve as long as time allows it. My other porsue is to become a windsurfer, but more of a luxury at this point. Follow me on strava so I will feel more presured to bike faster and better, I might even get you into the cycling thing. Its very rewarding. I also do some 3d printing and robotics as a hobby. If ever try doing some sort of art or music again, I might post it. Be afraid.

I am also an electrician, a computer technician and builder, I have experience doing industrial automation, robotics and I’m very efficient at changing lightbulbs.

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Thanks for passing by.